No one should have to go through cancer alone.

The Cancer Society supports people in Wellington as they go through cancer treatment.

Cancer Society Wellington are here to help and support you and your whānau through cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. ALL our cancer support services are free for people living with cancer, and their families. 

We don’t want anyone going through cancer alone. We are here to help.

Your donation does make a difference for people affected by cancer.

When you donate to Cancer Society Wellington, your generous gift is used to provide FREE cancer support services – at diagnosis, during treatment and afterwards when people have to return to their lives.

Your donation gives people going through cancer treatment, and their families, access to free cancer support services such as: 

  • 0800 226 237 Cancer Helpline taking calls Monday to Friday
  • Free counselling and psychology appointments
  • Volunteers that will pick you up and drive you to treatments
  • Accommodation for people who live in the country and have to travel to the city for their cancer treatment
  • One-on-one support to help you through your cancer journey.

Your donation is immediately put to use supporting people going through cancer treatment.

Where does my money go?

All of the funds you raise as part of  Scooter Safari 2023  goes directly to the Cancer Society.
Fundraising by people like you helps to make our mission possible year after year.

More than


attend our supportive care programmes around the country each year

More than


kilometres are driven by our volunteers each year to get patients to treatment

More than


nights away from home for treatment is spent in our accommodation each year

More than


is directed to breakthrough
cancer research each year

Can you donate to the Cancer Society?

Every gift, large or small, is gratefully received.