How the Scooter Safari began

It started as a tribute to our friend Blair

Blair was a quick witted, funny guy who didn't complain about his lot-in-life. Blair lived life to the full every day and encouraged others to do the same.

The Scooter Safari was born because Blair loved his scooters. He also enjoyed dressing up in crazy costumers – he rode in one scooter safari as THE STIG and another as ELVIS. Blair took particular pride in pimping his scooter to get the right amount of attention on the road.

Fundraising to help Blair beat bowel cancer

When Blair was diagnosed with bowel cancer, his mates decided they would band together and create the greatest ‘Pain in the Ass 😝’ fundraiser they could think of to honour his cancer journey. 

The Scooter Safari Challenge was created in 2009 by Jayne and Mike Rattray, to support their friend as he went through treatment for bowel cancer.

From humble beginnings, the first ride saw 32 riders make the maiden voyage through Arthur's Pass to the West Coast. Since then, the coast-to-coast event has snowballed with over 250 scooters taking part each year and raising over $1.4 Million dollars for the Cancer Society, to date.

The Wellington Cancer Society team thought it was time to turn the starter key and bring the event to scooter riders in the North Island.

Blair rode with us in the first two Scooter Safaris, but unfortunately, he passed away in 2014, surrounded by family.

His final words to us all...

If you think something’s not right down there, go to the doctor - get checked, and get in early. It could save your life!

The funds YOU raise make cancer treatment a little less awful

The money you raise will help to provide supportive care to cancer patients and their families/whānau, free of charge.

Your donation funds vital cancer research and education for New Zealanders. 

Your support helps our volunteer driving service get patients safely from their home or accommodation to their cancer treatment and back again. 

Your support allows us to pick up the phone every time someone calls our free Cancer Helpline 0800 226 237 to ask for information and advice. 

Your generous donation also allows Cancer Society Wellington to advocate and be a strong voice to improve cancer outcomes in New Zealand.

Can you donate to the Cancer Society?

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