Cancer is NOT fun. But the Scooter Safari will be.

Join us in this challenge as a tribute to people going through cancer treatment.

The impact you'll make for people going through cancer treatment

When you join in Cancer Society's Scooter Safari, you'll be fundraising to support people that are going through cancer treatment at the moment.

We believe no one should go through their cancer journey alone.

Cancer Society Wellington is here to try and make your cancer journey just a little bit easier.

  • Whether it's driving someone to their treatment
  • Providing advice to someone who has called our 0800 number
  • Sitting with a cancer patient during their treatment.

With help from people like you, The Cancer Society is here to support cancer patients and their families navigate this difficult time in their lives.

We are so grateful to everyone who donates and fundraises for the Cancer Society, because we can't support cancer patients without your help. 

Thank you!

Make your Fundraising FUN!

Tip #1

Upload a Profile Picture

It's pretty easy! And believe it or not, fundraisers who personalise their profile raise more in donations on average.

Tip #2

Thank Your

Let your supporters know how valuable their support is. Sending a message from your dashboard will be sent directly to their inbox!

Tip #3

Sharing is

Share your page with your mates, your family, your work, your mechanic, your vet, those cousins you only see on Christmas day.

Tip #4

Post Regular Updates

Give your supporters more reason to donate by sharing a few posts on your profile. Posts might include your connection to the cause, how you're preparing for the event and celebrating your fundraising milestones! Don't forget to make them go further by sharing your posts on your social media too.

Tip #5

Ask your boss to Match it!

Many businesses offer ‘match funding’ programs to encourage their staff to support local charities like the Cancer Society. This could double your fundraising impact, so it's worth checking if your organisation offers such a program.

Where does my money go?

All of the funds you raise as part of  Scooter Safari 2023  go directly to the Cancer Society.
Fundraising by people like you helps to make our mission possible year after year.

More than


attend our supportive care programmes around the country each year

More than


kilometres are driven by our volunteers each year to get patients to treatment

More than


nights away from home for treatment are spent in our accommodation each year

More than


is directed to breakthrough
cancer research each year